Superannuation or Negative Gearing, which one, or Both?

Superannuation Great article in the Australian by Judith Sloan April 13th, where Judith comments on the words of the Superannuation industry reps about accessing super for housing deposits and paying down their loans. “Ask a 30-year old whether they would …Read More

Rental Property Investor Jailed for Vacant Property

Couple jailed for vacant property Have you got a residential property that’s vacant? Well under new legislation being drafted by the Victorian government you could be fined, sounds a little crazy? That’s because it is. The real issue about the …Read More

Corporate Letting Wanes

At a property conference last week a property expert stated that at present Brisbane had an oversupply of units (27,000) coming on to the rental market and although rental returns had softened slightly the main area of concern was corporate …Read More

Repairs or Maintenance, that is the question…?

You would have to live on Mars or at least own property there not to have read, heard or been informed about the Australian Taxation Office’s crackdown on investors claiming repairs and maintenance on additional expenditure incurred (spent) on their …Read More

Unit Developments in Brisbane

Many years ago Joh Bjelke-Petersen the then premier of Qld used to gauge the prosperity of the city on the amount of cranes visible on the skyline. Well if that’s the catalyst for a buoyant economy then Qld must be …Read More

Labor Looses Election Over Negative Gearing

It was obvious that Bill Shortens biggest mistake was his announcement that he was going to wipe out negative gearing, tax depreciation on investment property. A big mistake say most of his avid supporters, “its a well known fact in …Read More

Rental yield explained

The rental yield is used to compare properties and ascertain which one is better. Currently in most parts of Australia the rental yields are on the rise. Lets start at the definition of a rental yield and then move into …Read More

Claim Depreciation?

This year alone property investors will miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property-related entitlements simply because they never made a depreciation claim. This could make the difference between having a good or bad year in property. …Read More